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A Better Way For Law Firms to Use Job Descriptions

Most small law firms don’t to use job descriptions as part of their hiring process, and many large firms use job descriptions badly. The primary advantage of creating a job description is that it forces the employer to articulate what they are looking for in a new hire. The process of creating a job description […]

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How to Avoid the Most Common Fee Setting Mistake Made by Lawyers

A lawyer recently asked me whether she should accept an offer from a potential client to take on for $50,000 a lawsuit against a large entity that has a substantial and experienced in-house law department. When stated in these terms, one answer should become increasingly obvious. You don’t have enough information to answer this question […]

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Law Firm Strategic Planning 101: What Clients Do You Want to Serve?

Too many lawyers mistakenly believe that the strategic core of their firm is defined by their substantive expertise. If you ask them what their firm does, they say things such as, “We are business litigators” or “family law specialists”. And if they are at a bar association event or other venue where other lawyers are […]

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Five Strategies to get Lawyers to Submit Their Hours on Time

Leaders of firms that charge by the hour often complain that they can’t get their lawyers to submit their hours on time. This, in turn, causes the firm to delay when it sends out some of its invoices, and it may play a role in causing some lawyers to underreport hours. Here are five strategies […]

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Law Firm Networking: What’s In It For Us

Ten years or so ago I attended my first sales training class. The speaker emphasized that it was critical to recognize that all sales prospects listen to the same radio station. Its call letters are WIIFM: What’s In It For Me? Since then dozens of speakers and articles have repeated either this exact example or […]

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Make the Obvious Customer Driven Change

Growing a law firm involves a myriad of steps, some of which can be difficult to determine. There is, however, a category of changes that is a good place to start when considering business-building and marketing strategies. They are requests and complaints made by your clients and prospective clients. A recent experience in a coffee […]

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Determining Compensation Levels for Law Firm Staff

Law firm leaders too often rely on precedent when making managerial decisions for their firms. A prime example of this is how they decide how much to pay staff members (and to a lesser extent junior lawyers). The most common mistake is to set compensation levels based on historical experience. For example, a law firm […]


Law Firm Resolution: A 5,000 Billable Hour Year

It’s the middle of January and many New Year’s resolutions have already bitten the dust. In part that’s because setting annual goals is inherently unreliable, especially when the goal isn’t accompanied by a mechanism for reaching it. Annual billable targets for law firms aren’t exactly resolutions. In most firms they are couched as requirements that […]

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Issue Spotting Isn’t a Law Firm Business Strategy

Lawyers have been traditionally rewarded for spotting issues. Most law school exams were of the issue-spotting variety. As a result, law school grades and law jobs are correlated with the ability to spot issues. That might seem logical or benign, but it isn’t. As a business development tool, the ability to spot issues without more […]

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Create a Six-Month Law Firm Budget

It’s that time of year when we tend to think in terms of years. People create new year’s resolutions, even though there is a lot of evidence they don’t actually help reaching goals. And in the business world, we create annual budgets. In my experience, however, too many law firms either don’t create budgets at […]