grow your book of business

Grow Your Book of Business

Customized Business Coaching For Lawyers

  • Are you working harder to attract clients, but are not generating the results you want?
  • Are your business development efforts less successful than they used to be?
  • Do you feel that your marketing activities are unfocused or may benefit from a change of strategy or improved implementation?

In today’s turbulent legal market, it is the rare law-firm attorney who doesn’t feel the pressure to bring in more business. The simple truth is that if you want to have control over your professional life at a law firm, you need to have a book of business. A growing book of business is the closest thing there is to an insurance policy for your career.

As a former large law firm litigator, our founder experienced this first hand. Since 2005, Gideon Grunfeld has been collaborating with lawyers to grow their client base and generate more revenues. Our strategic approach is based on more than 20 years of experience working as a lawyer and consultant to law firms. Whether you want to increase your book of business in order to make partner, become an equity partner, or want to increase your compensation, our individualized coaching services can help make your marketing and business development efforts more effective and give you the stability and peace of mind that comes with a growing client base.

Guiding Lawyers with Sophisticated Clients

Our focus is to help lawyers who serve businesses and other sophisticated consumers of legal services. Much of the marketing advice that is directed to lawyers is appropriate for those who serve members of the general public. But in-house attorneys, financial advisors, business owners and executives are not going to hire or refer a lawyer or law firm simply because they have a glitzy website or marketing materials. They require meaningful and persuasive information that shows that the lawyer has the expertise to help the client solve specific legal problems and resolve or avoid specific business problems.

Who Have We Helped?

Most of our clients are lawyers with ten or more years of experience who in some capacity serve the business community or affluent individuals.

We have worked with lawyers throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, as well as attorneys working in large markets such as the San Francisco bay area, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York.

  • Business and real estate litigators, including labor and employment lawyers;
  • Corporate and transactional lawyers, including M&A attorneys, estate –planning and tax lawyers who serve family-owned and closely-held business, lawyers who specialize in collateralized debt obligations and other sophisticated transactions;
  • Intellectual property lawyers, both those that focus on copyright and trademarks as well as patent prosecution lawyers and patent litigators;
  • Lawyers who serve specific industries such as the financial services industry, the food sector, and non-profits; and
  • Attorneys in specialized practice areas such as internet law, equine law, and FINRA arbitrations.
  • Raising their fees;
  • Reducing their accounts receivables;
  • Expanding into new practice areas;
  • Expanding into new geographic areas by opening up new offices; and
  • Organizing dinner parties and events for potential clients and referral sources.

How We Work

Unlike many self-described coaches, we rarely charge by the hour. Our experience is that the process of working with lawyers to grow their business is hampered if our clients feel that their meter is constantly running. We therefore take a project-based approach that focuses on creating a proposal that is designed to attract the work our clients most want to attract. This often involves identifying our client’s most attractive target audiences, and crafting compelling messages for those audiences.

Because of our project-based approach, clients know exactly what it will cost before they need to decide whether to collaborate with us. Moreover, we do not limit our clients to a predetermined number of phone calls or arbitrarily limit how often they contact us. Typically, the centerpiece of our work involves an in-person meeting or phone call, but clients are free to contact us by phone or email as they see fit. We are guided by a rule of reason. If we believe that there we may be able to help you, we will craft a written proposal that is designed to grow your business and which identifies specific action steps for reaching your business goals.

To begin the process of finding out how we can develop a customized plan for growing your book of business, contact us at [email protected] or call 310.734.6073.

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