How to Attract Your Best Clients

Law Firm Marketing Program: How to Attract Your Best Clients

Our most requested program.

  • “You should network more.”
  • “You should blog.”
  • “You should use social media more.”
  • “You should publish an article.”
  • “You should call that person back.”
  • “You should follow up with those people you met at the conference.”
  • “But don’t stop billing.”

Sound familiar? This is the message that most law firms convey to their partners and other potential rainmakers. You should do a whole lot of marketing, not spend too much of the firm’s resources, and still bill.

  • But how?
  • And how do I do all of that efficiently?
  • That’s what most lawyers haven’t figured out through trial and error.

That’s what this program is designed to do.

Provide a systematic way for busy law firm attorneys to attract their best clients. It doesn’t take ten times as much time to bring in a case that generates ten times the revenues, so you might as well focus on attracting your best clients. This dynamic, fast-paced program will show you how.

Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • A three-part system for organizing your marketing efforts.
  • A two-step process for identifying your best clients.
  • How to avoid the most common single mistake when describing what you do.
  • The two best ways to generate referrals from people you already know.
  • Five tools for promoting your accomplishments that together cost less a $1,000.

Gideon Grunfeld was for ten years a former large firm litigator.  Since 2005, he has been sharing cutting edge business development program strategies and tools that have been featured at various bar associations and law firms including:

  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association
  • John M. Langston Bar Association Of Los Angeles
  • San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association
  • Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles
  • Immigration Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Illinois Bar Association

This program can be presented in both a one-hour or half-day format.  It can also be customized to focus on specific marketing issues that particularly relevant to your audience.

To begin the process of helping the lawyers in your organization become more effective rainmakers, call 310.734.6073 or email [email protected]

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