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How to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

Even a well-crafted and articulate elevator speech may not generate leads

Have you attended an event affiliated with a networking group where a family-law attorney stands up and says that their office handles divorces and prenuptial agreements?

Or the financial advisor who proclaims that they are looking for high-net-worth individuals?

Or the criminal-defense lawyer who states that they handle DUIs?

These aren’t the most memorable elevator speeches. And for many years the fact that they are eminently forgettable didn’t matter much. There was enough demand for legal services so most lawyers found clients even if their marketing message was muddled and hard to remember.

Those days are long gone for many attorneys. Now, even a well-crafted and articulate elevator speech may not generate leads or make the phone ring. It isn’t enough to describe what you do as a lawyer or how long you have been doing it.

You need to stand out from the competition in a favorable and memorable way. And to do that you need more than just words. You also need to be in the right room. Specifically, you need a strategy that will let you know where you should network, how to identify your best potential clients and referral sources, and what to say and do when you interact with them.

In this fast-moving and interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • A two-step approach for identifying where you should network
  • How to avoid the single most common mistake in your elevator speech and in networking events; and
  • Four different ways to create a memorable and favorable impression.

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