Writing Content That Reaches Business Clients

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021
By Gideon Grunfeld

As more and more of our professional interactions move online and the number of emails we receive on our smartphones continues to mushroom, law firms that serve businesses and other entities need to devote more resources to creating engaging content. The bar is higher now than ever before as law firms, HR and accounting firms, and all sorts of trade publications compete to grab the attention of the same audiences with the same sophisticated explanations of developments in the law.

News that once seemed noteworthy, such as an attorney being recognized by Super Lawyers or a woman being promoted to partner, has now become commonplace and unlikely to cut through the noise of similar announcements from other firms. Mentioning these developments is appropriate, but it’s not going to establish your firm as a thought leader.

Neither is merely summarizing the latest bill in your area of the law. Just about every one of your competitors is probably working on the same description of what a certain new law says. To create content worth sharing, you’ll need to go a step further.

Educate your audience about what matters most from the perspective of an expert. Stand out from the constant flood of emails by creating strategic content that informs people about where they should be putting their attention and the steps they may need to take. Go beyond the law itself and connect the dots for your potential clients and referral sources in a way that allows them to prioritize.

In today’s world, you need to create curated content. That’s the kind of content that counts.

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